Wheels Washing System

RC closed circuit automatic wheel washing systems are manufactured by following the most modern features of “Object” logic.

They are extremely reliable, fully modular and very tough; they can be adapted to the different requirements of every construction site and they can withstand extremely heavy work loads.

Thanks to their closed loop, RC series wheel washing systems can reach water recycling percentages higher than 95% (depending on setting and working conditions).
The use of RC wheel washing systems helps preserving the environment and it will ensure maximum return on investment over the long term.

All systems can be also equipped on option with modules able to reduce specific pollutants as Asbestos, hydrocarbons, particles, etc.


Construction site
Landfill and reclaimed land
High sludge adhesion
Fixed in-ground
Eco 200B
Eco 200B Eco 200F
Eco 200F Eco 200F.6
Eco 200F.8
4.32E 4.32CLBR
4.32E 4.32CLBR
4.32E 6.32E 6.32CLBR
2.32T - 4.32T 2.32CLBR 4.32CLBR
4.32E 4.32CLBR
4.32E 6.32E 6.32CLBR
6.32E 8.32E
2.32T 2.32CLBR
2.32CLBR 4.32CLBR
2.32CLBR 4.32CLBR
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