Tecnoter Group

Tecnoter group has been constructing top of the range technological solutions for over thirty years. Our main objective is focused on customer satisfaction with every individual project we undertake and every product that we manufacture

Every system designed by Tecnoter is created with an in depth study of compatibility and efficiency based on the specifics of the host vehicle or on the specific requirements of the client. Tecnoter is capable of producing unique systems as well as on a medium scale of industrialisation cooperating fully with the technicians and engineers of the client or with the vehicle constructor.

The Group


design and produce hydraulic and electrical systems and equipment for the industrial sector.

Main production: Retrofit kits for earth moving machinery, OEM parts, remote control systems, hydraulic magnets and specially designed equipment for civil and military use.

RC Green

design and produce equipment and systems with the environment in mind.

Main production: Power generators and GPU hydraulic motors, hydraulic motor illumination units and compressors, wheel washing systems, and zero emission systems for civil and military use.

RC Automation

design and produce systems for industrial automation.

Main production: Automatic loaders for CNC machines, automatic dumpers, indutrial waste handling systems, industrial robots and industrial roofing for the worksite.


Tecnoter has been constructing top of the range technological solutions for over thirty years and our main objective is focused on customer satisfaction with every individual project we undertake and every product that we manufacture.

Our history

  • 1985 – Tecnoter D.I. comes to life through Luca Lopez and a handful of collaborators who offer their technical experience in the field of hydraulics applied to earth moving vehicles.
  • 1988 – The agricultural cooperative of Melegnano and Lodi, situated in the province of Milan, Italy, request the services of Tecnoter exclusively for the purpose of satisfying the requirements of their own clients. Tecnoter moves its Headquarters to the area of the previously mentioned agricultural cooperative to be closer to its clients.
  • 1993 – Tecnoter rapidly makes its presence felt on the market.
    Tecnoter’s ever increasing dimensions don’t allow the company to stay permanently within the internal structure of the agricultural cooperative.
    Tecnoter moves to its own independent headquarters.
  • 2000 – Tecnoter srl is born and the new partners breathe new life into the company. The new structure of the company makes it a reference point in the sector of design and production of hydraulic retrofit kits for earth moving vehicles. It receives its first orders directly from earth moving vehicle and aeroplane platform constructors. Tecnoter’s sales network grows and now covers the whole of the Italian territory.
  • 2003 – Tecnoter moves to a more functional Headquarters taking control of its direct ownership. Along with the Italian market, Tecnoter adds France, Greece, Malta and Austria to the list. The investment in research and development are significant compared to the reality of Tecnoter. The penetration on the International market grows substantially. The collaboration with large International construction companies is now reality.
  • 2008 –  RC srl, Green division is born. The production of the main components is now automated. Tecnoter and RC Green products are recognised and appreciated for their level of quality not only by the European market, but also by the Middle Eastern market. The sales offices move to their own independent building.
  • 2011 – Despite the crisis, Tecnoter continues to grow. New products are now available. Tecnoter’s client base is now spread over three continents.
  • 2012 – RC Automation is born thanks to the acquisition of an external company with over 40 years of experience in the automation sector. Tecnoter opens a production unit in Vellezzo Bellini (Pv). To date, Tecnoter exports products and services to more than forty nations over four continents

Our clients


  • Caterpillar (USA)
  • Jcb spa (I)
  • Komatsu U.E. (I)
  • Volvo (I)
  • Indeco (I)
  • Bergerat (F, DZ)
  • Zeppelin (D, RUS)
  • Teknox (SLO)
  • Al-Bahar (KWT)
  • Mantrac (ET)
  • Turkuaz Machinery (KZ)

RC Green

  • Italian Ministry of Defence (I)
  • Water res. dept. Ethiopia
  • National Fire-watchers' Corps (I)
  • Italian Civil Protection (I)
  • Malpensa airport (I)
  • Famoveca (YV)
  • Sakr P.S. (RL)
  • JLM (MA)
  • Air Defence (ET)
  • Svi
  • Semp

RC Automation

  • Cts
  • Conni
  • Sares
  • Adige Sala
  • QS Group
  • Sipi
  • Condotte
  • Gallerie
  • Metroemme
  • Eusiti
  • Bolzoni